October 27, 2020
  • October 27, 2020

A new Bride’s Diwali

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The first year after marriage is in itself a celebration. But to add to it are the Indian festivals which brings with them move love, more care and of course more gifts.
– By Shivangi Aggarwal

Since Diwali is around the corner, the air of festivity can already been seen. Diwali, is not jut a festival, but a means to meet your family, buying new furniture and gold, dressing up your best, colors, lights, decoration, exchanging gifts with near and dear ones and what not. Just one word and so many meanings associated with it but for the newlyweds their first Diwali after marriage is which they want to celebrate in a special way to make it memorable for the rest of life.

In the midst of all this, I often pause and wonder how would it be like to celebrate Diwali away from my home. I know it will an epiphany of a different order. I know I will miss my home, my mom, her food, me and my sister fighting over whose rangoli was better, my brother stealing all my chocolates, my dad’s Diwali shagun to his kids.

Being married for past 10 months, I will be celebrating my first Diwali away from my native home and in my new home. My in-laws have already starting to ask me what I want as my Diwali gift, my husband has already arranged for a nice beautiful Saree for me to dress up in the most astonishing way. He has specifically asked me to put a gajra with the silk banarasi saree he has gifted me for he loved my look with a gajra in my hair on our wedding day. My biological mom has started to arrange gifts which she will be sending to my new home on my first Diwali.

So many exciting things happening around but I still have my doubts. As a newlywed bride I’m both excited and nervous simultaneously. But no chance. I cannot let the nervousness take over my excitement and screw up my first Diwali. So I have made a small to-do-diwali list so that I can mark this special day as the most memorable day in my calendar. And years later when I will sip  coffee near my room’s window and look back to my first Diwali, I will be all smiles.

Here is how my list looks like

Diwali time and every year I have an entire list of gifts I want my parent to bestow me with. But this year since it’s my first Diwali I have to turn the table around and buy gifts for my in-laws instead. With my dear husband’s help, I have started to buy gifts for my in-laws, my sisters in laws and their kids.
Not to forget, a special gift awaits my husband. After all it’s his first Diwali too.

I am pretty sure that since it’s my first Diwali all the relatives would be excited to meet me and shower me with all the gifts in the world. In order to reciprocate the love, I have made some ‘gel candles’ and ‘decorated some diyas’ with their names on them. I know it’s a small gesture but it’s personalized with lots of love and emotions.

Rangoli is believed to bring in peace, prosperity, serently and colors within the household. I have literally filled my phone gallery with all the beautiful rangoli designs I could surf on the Internet. With the Rangoli colors being spread on the floor, I want my new home to be filled with bliss, glee and love.

As a universal fact, a way to Anyone’s heart is through their hungry tummies. Keeping this in mind, I have shortlisted a menu of the dishes I would be preparing which includes some rich exciting Indian curries like shahi paneer and dal makhni with breads like lacha paratha. Badam milk. Last but not the least my favourite part- deserts. I am yet to figure out the desert menu since I’m confused between coconut laddo, jalebis and Rabri.

It’s diwali and it’s my first and it’s definitely a great time to celebrate. So, I am inviting a bunch of friends and cousins over for Diwali cards party on my terrace and we are all set to having a bash. When I write this article, I have tears in my eyes. A mixture of emotions roll over. But in the end, that’s life for girls and that’s how it is after getting married. Doing away with all the jitters and keeping my spirits high, I wish to celebrate this Diwali too with lots of enthusiasm and love and ya not to forget, impress my in-laws and husband in the process.

Here I am, Wishing you all and specially all the newly weds, a very happy Diwali. Have fun you guys!!!

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