October 20, 2020
  • October 20, 2020

Bollywood plays eye-spy with the Jockeys

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Hong Kong horse racing is an international event boasting a diverse audience comprising every major nationality and ethnicity!

The anticipation for the thrill of watching the purebred grass-guzzling biological counterparts, synchronising with their jockeys to outshine the pack, held equally exciting prospects.

There is little else for the enthusiastic witnesses to pay attention to, except for the race results and anticipation of next race. But bollywood seems to have found the matching grandeur to not only pique their interest, but engage them wholeheartedly.

Recently, I received an invitation to attend a race hosted at Hong Kong jockey club race course in Happy Valley (kudos to whoever named this valley). As a motor-sports enthusiast, I simply can’t get enough thrill off the pure-bred gas-guzzling mechanical beasts, harmonizing with the driver in the battle for supremacy. The anticipation for the thrill of watching the purebred grass-guzzling biological counterparts, synchronising with their jockeys to outshine the pack, held equally exciting prospects.

With scenes of rejoice, dejection, anticipation and celebrations all over the stand, this cauldron of emotions was a carnival that certainly lived up to its hype. And with 35 minute break between subsequent races, something special is needed to entertain the adrenaline smitten spectators. The Bollywood theme of the event provided the empirical recipe for an ambient rush to the expectant audience.

With a Taj Mahal photo booth, Daal Makhani with naan and samosas, and high octane stage performances on bollywood chartbusters, it is not an exaggeration to say that Bollywood shared the spotlight with the horses! The group of dancers, who had been practicing their hearts out since two past noon, enthralled the audience with bursts of intermittent performances following every round of race. The fever caught on as a massive crowd thronged the stage, recording videos, clicking pictures and enthusiastically cheering the performers. Groups of audience around the stands could be seen dancing under the spell of bollywood beats.

All in all, the race was a carnival to behold. Oblivious to the intricacies of a race, the raw passion of the crowd and the excitement of the impressive competitiveness of the Jockeys has certainly won me over. The colours of Bollywood woven into the spirit of the sport spiced up the experience for the better. I left the stadium under the spell that these magnificent beasts have casted upon humanity for countless millennia. I am looking forwarding to staking wagers in the next race!

  • Dancers were invited who teamed up with our producers
  • A performance sequence was finalized
  • Practice started on 19th December
  • A number of ideas were conceived and dropped but thanks to the relentless creativity of the team, a final sequence was agreed upon
  • Team spent 5 hours (2PM – 5PM), perfecting their tempo on the day of the performance. Gates were opened for the audience at 5:30 PM

Show Organized by Sasha Waseem of Sang Media Limited
+(852) 6402 9344

Event Co-ordinated by Kaur Gurpreet of Sherry Concepts
+(852) 3468 2012

Event organized bye HK Jockey Club

Rani Asra Gidwani
Dance Director/Choreographer
Song/Item: Cham Cham/Kala Chashma,
Gallan Goodiyan, The One Last(Medley)

Alisha Raju Budhrani
Final year at the University of Sunderland
majoring in Business Management
A signed performer and professional
artist/singer in USA
Song/Item: India Waale/Jai Ho, Avi

Ria Chopra
Year 2 Bachelor student in Biomedical Sciences at City University
Song/Item: Ambar, Suit

Varsha Dodani
Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner / Choreographer
Song/Item: Shake Karaan, Radha, Saina

Essha Jain
Marketing Executive
Song/Item: Sweety Drama

Dhiresh Buxani
First Year, University student

First Year, University student

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