January 26, 2021
  • January 26, 2021

550th Celebration of Guru Nanak Dev ji

by on December 13, 2019 0

On the day of the Full Moon of Kartik, in 1469, Guru Baba Nanak Dev ji, one of the world’s biggest spiritual leaders was born in Rai Bhoi ki Talwandi (now in Pakistan). He offered a path of oneness, equality, and peace for his followers to walk upon. Born to Mehta Kalu ji a...

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Wrapping up a Decade

by on December 12, 2019 0

Summarizing an entire year, let alone a decade is a difficult task. As we go through a few of the biggest headlines from the last ten years, we are reminded of some of the most heart wrenching, inspiring, tragic and memorable events that happened around the globe. 2010 7.0 Magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti killing...

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India By The Bay

by on December 10, 2019 0

INDIA BY THE BAY 2018 Teamwork Arts, with the support of the Consulate General of India in Hong Kong, presented the fourth edition of India by the Bay, the only festival of India in Hong Kong, held in partnership with Asia Society Hong Kong Center. The 2018 chapter of the festival took place from...

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Paws under the Stars

by on August 28, 2018 0

A fund raising effort named “Paws under the Stars” was made to support “Sai Kung Stray Friends” Foundation which was registered as a Charity under S88 in 2014. The society was founded by Narelle Pamuk, who was used to help stray dogs. Today the kennel is home to 106 stray and abandoned dogs waiting...

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