January 26, 2021
  • January 26, 2021

Book Club

by on October 29, 2020 0

ARUNANJALI MARIA Book: The Henna Artist By: Alka Joshi I absolutely loved the vibrancy, colours, sights, sounds and smells of India that come alive in the book. The vivid description of Rajasthan, the scents, smells of herbs, of cinnamon and cardamom are just magical. The mention of the local delicacy like ‘rabri’ and the...

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The Unsung Hero

by on October 26, 2020 0

Sometimes I wonder… Would the Ramayana have become another Mahabharat if it weren’t for the remarkably principled Bharata’s unwavering love for his brother? doubt there is a single person of Indian heritage who hasn’t heard at least the abridged version of our epics. And almost all of us have been inadvertently instructed, by our...

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by on August 15, 2020 2

VEER MATHUR 10 years, Grade 4, Hong Kong International School, HK Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series  By: Jeff Kinney Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a great series. It is very funny and when you start reading them you can’t put the books down. The books are about a boy named Greg...

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Update your preteen’s room the right way!

by on August 15, 2020 0

Teenage years are not easy on anyone, especially the teenager. For preteen having their own sanctuary or a small space to call their own can definitely help. Transitioning your pre-teen’s room to a teenager’s room maybe be emotionally hard, but here are a few tips to help make their room appropriate and fun. You...

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Emotional Healing

by on April 29, 2020 0

I am so angry! I want to cry! It frustrates me! How often do you shout, or think these in your head? Are you always grumpy and upset “about something”, but unsure why? Do you let emotions bubble under the surface, but refuse to acknowledge what’s really going on? We all have emotions. Positive...

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Décor Ideas – Living Rooms

by on April 29, 2020 0

The living room is pretty much the focal point of a home. I like most people, spend a lot of time there and need the space to be comfortable and look good! Here are a few simple tips to make your living room space bright, fresh and stylish. The first thing to do is...

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Long Live The Chinese Zodiac Cycle!

by on January 26, 2020 0

Sarah Brennan has dedicated the last 13 years of her life to writing about and publishing The Chinese Calendar Tales. One book per year for each animal of the Zodiac, the 12-year cycle ends this month with the kind, happy, but sometimes gullible Pig packing up her bags and wistfully following her 11 predecessors...

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