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Chakra is in essence synonymous to a wheel, and are energy centres in our bodies. Movement of this wheel optimizes balance, promotes good health and overall harmony to the system.

There are seven main Chakras or centres in our body. They start from our Sacrum and run up to our spine ending just outside the top of our head, namely

Root Chakra
Red in colour and a situated at the base of our spine. It opens towards the earth. This Chakra Balances our materialistic wants and desires, which according to the ancient science is regarded as Maya (illusion). It controls our anus, legs, feet, back and bones.

Sacral Chakra
Orange in colour and situated above the tail bone at the lower abdomen. This Chakra balances our emotional energy which according to our ancient science is called the Moah (attachment). It controls the masculine and feminine aspects.

Solar Plexus
Yellow in Colour. This Chakra is situated above the naval on the upper abdomen. This Chakra, according to ancient sciences balances the fire element of our body, which further controls our digestive system, personality and mood swings.

Heart Chakra
Green in colour and controls our heart. It is associated with our ability to receive and give love. It is situated in the middle of our chest.

Throat Chakra
Also yellow in colour, situated in the throat area and controls our creativity and communication skills.

Third eye Chakra
Indigo in colour and is situated in the centre of the both eyes. It controls our spiritual acceptance in our life.

Crown Chakra
Violet in colour and a situated in the centre of our head. It generates a sense of ultimate union with the divine.

Balanced Chakra is having appropriate rhythm or speed neither slow nor fast, filled with its represented colour.

The key to healing is the balancing of our energy centres. Anything that blocks this energy will weaken us. Drugs cure physical and mental health but our spiritual health can only be cured with balancing of chakras. The movement of these energy centres control our whole system. To further break down, if the chakras move fast, it will cause us to be hyper and if the chakras move slow, lethargy can be felt. When we are at a dis-ease, a disease is lurking. Balancing chakras with reiki is the easiest and sure-fire way to get yourself started – Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Invoke reiki energy by using the light symbol cho-ku-rei seven times to set an intension to balance the chakras. Visualize light passing through each chakra first cleansing any impurity or blockage and then visualize ‘balance’ by mentally scanning the chakra with the associated colour.

One can learn the correct rhythm/speed of controlling and balancing chakras through a Reiki practitioner. Visualize every Chakra as a clock and guide yourself through each Chakra watching its speed and rhythm. In essence the movement should resemble the clock’s movements. Once the rhythm is set, scan each chakra with the associated colour while breathing out any negativity.

A person is not simply a body or a mind or a spirit, he or she is all of these three bodies and treated as a whole. The only common denominator in all human beings is that we are made up of energy.

By Maa Amrit Leela

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