October 22, 2020
  • October 22, 2020

Décor Ideas – Living Rooms

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The living room is pretty much the focal point of a home. I like most people, spend a lot of time there and need the space to be comfortable and look good! Here are a few simple tips to make your living room space bright, fresh and stylish.

The first thing to do is to choose a colour palette or mood board. Think about which colours speak to you. For instance, when I started to decorate my living room space I chose mustard yellow, with shades of baby pink for my colour palette. Don’t be afraid to choose colours that may seem unorthodox. For example, colour palettes with emerald green and shades of pink, coral and navy blue, baby yellow and turquoise, classic blue with greens and pops of coral or pink, are all fabulous combinations.

Add pops of colour through cushion covers
Once you have decided the colour palette you want to incorporate, buy cushion covers in those shades for your living space. Always buy two of the same cushion cover and split them on two sides of your sofa. But for another set you can buy another colour or texture for your sofa. You don’t need all your cushion covers in your living space to be the same. Mix texture, prints and shades in your colour palette; if you have selected pinks and mustard yellow, you can have one set of embroidered set of pink cushions, one set of plain yellow cushions and maybe one set of printed pink cushions.

Suggestions on where to buy:
Franc Franc, Indigo Living, Anthropologie, Jim Thompson (when you travel to Thailand), Tequila Kola, Pottery Barn and The Pink Lotus HK.


Center Table
A center table ties the whole room together. Center tables can be functional (with drawers and storage space, especially for smaller rooms), or can be fancier to serve a more decorative purpose. Choose a center table that suits your room and your needs. Be it in glass, wood or metal, today there is an endless variety available to choose from.

Suggestions on where to buy:
Ikea, Tequila Kola, Bo Concept, Indigo Living


Home Accessories
Bring some personality to your living space by placing some fun accessories on your coffee table and side tables. They can be vases, or beautiful lacquer boxes or interesting showpieces. Adding candles, agate coasters or platters are an easy way to start accessorizing. Another simple trick is to have nice coffee table books stacked up with a showpiece on top. You can also keep a beautiful tray on your coffee table and have an accessory or two placed in it.

Side Tables
Add a really fun side table to liven up your living space. If you don’t feel very adventurous with your coffee table, this way you can add a little bit of drama without committing too much space to it. Think of maybe a mirrored side table, or a gorgeous agate/stone side table to enhance the space. Nesting tables are also a great option.

Suggestions on where to buy:
Tequila Kola, The Pink Lotus, Indigo Living

Rearrange your furniture

Playing with your furniture arrangement from time to time is the best way to freshen up your living room and giving it a new look.

Simply add a table lamp or a tall light to refresh the space. Plus it can add to the mood of your living room as well. You can place a tall light near your sofa or place near the side tables. You can have a pair as well on two side tables framing your sofa. Fun and colourful lamp shades are great for adding in colour if your seating is plain.

Suggestions on where to buy:
The Ginger Lamp Co, Indigo, Ikea.

Get a rug or a carpet
You can go for a fun colourful one or if you like the more traditional look, Persian carpets made from silk and wool look beautiful. I like to use durries as they’re easy to maintain come in bright colors that enliven the room. It’s a great way to accentuate your decor.


Suggestions on where to buy:
Maya Rugs (they can customise durries), Red Velvet Designs (they customise rugs as well), Ikea, Indigo Living, Tequila Kola, Bo Concept, Thorn and Burrow.


The easiest way to change the feel of a space is to add art (paintings or prints) in the living room. You can position the piece above a sofa in the middle of the wall or you can place it at the edge of the sofa. You can do a collage of photographs/ prints as well. Paintings and photographs that hold a special place in your heart are perfect for bringing in a bit of your personality into the décor. Beautiful textiles framed up add an interesting look as well.

Suggestions on where to buy:
Wander with Nicole, Yellow Korner, Belinda Bath, Louise Hill, Anya Brock, Ikea and Francfranc. Hong Kong has a wonderful community of artists who can either custom design a painting for you or have a collection ready for you to buy from.


Find simple ways to store things in your living room and declutter to clear your space. For example, get a pretty tray to store all the remotes or if you have small kids, place storage baskets for their toys!

Plants and Flowers
Simply add some nature into your living room to make it look fresh. Real plants are obviously better, but there are some beautiful artificial flowers and plants as well that you can use.

You can add a green big leafy plant in a corner or have a simple vase with a bunch of flowers on your side table/coffee table. Before committing to big things start with smaller plants, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. Bamboo is very easy to take care of, as it requires only water.

Suggestions on where to buy:
Prince Edward flower market has loads of shops for plants! Keren’s Garden is also great and she recommends plants according to your needs. I love buying real flowers from the wet market but if you would like ready made arrangements, ByDeau, Ellerman and Love Floristry have beautiful options.
For artificial flowers and plants-Prince Edward has loads of options as well but Brighten is my favorite.


By Ameesha Lathia Kapadia

Ameesha Kapadia is the creator of the home accessories
brand The Pink Lotus HK in Hong Kong. With an accidental
introduction to the world of home accessories, this former stylist
quickly realised that her love for colour and symmetry translated
from fashion to home. You can contact her on her Instagram
account @thepinklotushk

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