October 27, 2020
  • October 27, 2020

Fengshui for Wealth

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The first and most commonly asked question to any Feng Shui practitioner is-Where is my wealth corner? How do I increase my wealth? Here are some simple tips to activate the wealth & prosperity sector in your home.

Well, to clarify, every home does have a wealth corner – you just need to identify it and maximize its usage to reap its benefits.

However, wealth luck does not mean ‘sudden money gain’ or ‘hidden treasure discovered. It is simply referred to as a prosperous Qi or energy that helps the residents identify a good business or job opportunity, work harder, sharpen their skills and be more productive in their endeavors.

1. In 2018 the south-east is themain wealth sector of the year.
Ensure that this area always remains clutter free and has a pleasing ambiance. Activate this area by using it for yang activities like a study or TV room. Make important work-related calls or Emails from here. In case you cannot physically use this room due to space constraints- simply activate this area using yang items like music, a dehumidifier or a ticking clock. You could also add a water body like an aquarium or water fountain here. This will help to unblock your wealth opportunities.

2. Avoid using the north sector or room of your home in 2018, especially for work-related activities.
This is the most negative sector for the year and can cause unnecessary obstacles or delays in your business ventures. The dreaded 5 yellow resides here and is said to create havoc. However, you could place some metal elements like Windchime, dumbbells, a metal statue to reduce its negative impact.

3. The north-west sector of the house is extremely important.
it relates to the main breadwinner or head (male or female) of the family. It’s best not to have a kitchen stove here as it causes a fire-metal clash. If the northwest sector is missing in a home, then this may cause a problem too.

4. Star # 8 is the most prosperous star of this period and resides in the northeast.
Hence close attention must be paid to this area or room in the house. If there is a pleasing mountain or higher ground in the external environment here, it helps to boost your wealth q1 buildings, conversely, if there are any negative, menacing feature like a pylon, the sharp corner of other buildings, pagoda or construction work in the northeast – it can cause some blockages in your cash flow.

5. Front Door:
The front door acts like the main ‘qi mouth’ through which energy or Qi enters your home. Therefore it is extremely important to keep the inside and outside of this area completely clutter free (especially for smelly shoes which are commonly seen in many Asian homes!)

The entrance or foyer area is the ‘Ming tang’ or ‘big hall ‘within your home. It should always be well lit and have ample space for the Qi to freely gather and harness before it circulates through your home.

By – Priya Subberwal

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