October 22, 2020
  • October 22, 2020

Health And Metaphysics

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As we all know, 2020 is the year of the yang metal rat. Based on the classics of ‘The Yellow Emperor Book of Internal Medicine’, metal represents the breathing organ- Lungs.

The Rat represents ‘yang water’ and black colour, triggering emotions of fear and darkness. In all, this year’s chart shows an unhealthy and weak metal sitting on excessive strong water. This can be seen reflected in the current environment of the Covid19. As the name suggests, this virus actually originated in November (the pig month) of 2019. Although many experts predicted a challenging year coming up, no one could foresee a pandemic of this magnitude.

During these troubling times, can Feng Shui really help us?
Yes, especially now that we are housebound, practising social distancing and even working from home. For starters, identify the good and bad sectors for 2020. Simply avoid using the bad areas or room if possible. This year the EAST and SOUTH have the potential sickness stars.

Keep these areas as quiet as possible, avoid any kind of renovations or making loud banging noises. Should you have no choice like if your apartment front door is in that location – then place some heavy metal items there.

Conversely, use the positive sectors of 2020, namely NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST and WEST as much as possible.

What else can I do?
Plot your Bazi chart using a free online resource www.JOEYYAP.COM/2020 Check which zodiac animals are in your chart.  Every chart has 4 animals signs locatedin the year, month, day and hour pillar. People with animal signs of MONKEY, HORSE and TIGER need to pay extra attention to their health this year.

So when will this disturbing phase end?
Fire is symbolic of optimism and positivity and can put an end to the current gloomy scenario. So when the

FIRE season begins, in the month of MAY we can expect a change in the current situation. Realistically, we can expect AUGUST for a marked improvement in our daily lives. Meanwhile, stay positive and use this time productively with your loved ones, self educating and improving your own skillset. Remember, Qi is cyclical, and this too will pass.

Which are the best areas with regards to our health?
The NORTHEAST area or room is especially good for healing. It would be beneficial to use for meditation, spiritual practices and breathing exercises like pranayama etc. Another excellent room or location to use is the SOUTHWEST of your home. Spending more time here
will help boost your energy levels.

Light a candle in the WEST daily to boost the happy, positive energies of fire star # 9.

Place heavy metal in the EAST and SOUTH to weaken the sickness earth star # 2 & # 5.

Put a vase or bucket of fresh water in the SOUTHEAST.


By Priya Subberwal
Contact: priya@dishaconsulting.co | +852 93100869
Get your detailed destiny chart using a free resource: www.joeyyap.com/bazi2020 and find out which zodiac animals are there in your chart and what is in store for you in 2020.
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