October 20, 2020
  • October 20, 2020

How warm is your fire?

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With the festival of lights around the corner, it is only logical to discuss the relevance of “Fire” in Feng Shui. Most of us are well aware that all forms of Chinese Metaphysics are governed by the interplay of the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. While each element has its own unique feature and importance, they follow a productive, controlling and weakening cycle.

Where is this fire element and how does it affect you?

The fire element is represented numerically by #9 and is always located in the south sector of a property. It is associated with passion, warmth, and happiness. It is also preferential having higher ground like a mountain in the south sector if possible. Luckily for us, Hong Kong has lovely lush mountains all around.

A property with a missing south sector may face issues with their middle daughter, health concerns related to eyes and heart. Occupants are likely to have a general feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of creativity.

Is it possible to have fire in the birth chart?

Yes! The snake and the horse zodiac animals carry pure fire energy. In 2019, the horse is the #1 ranking animal sign promising a year of abundance filled with opportunities to showcase leadership skills. Now is a good time to invest in property for the horse people.

The snake on the other hand clashes with the pig (year animal). So some change is inevitable, especially in the month of November. It is a good time to find mentors to support you in your endeavors.

What else should you know about?

Your personality could be defined with a fire day master in your BaZi (Chinese astrology chart).

If you have Bing (yang fire) then you are like the Sun – extremely independent and self-sufficient, you enjoy following a routine and are pretty predictable as is the sunrise and sunset.

Just as the sun spreads its brightness and rays, bing people tend to be extremely generous, popular and magnanimous with their help. They are also the most resilient. No storm or tempest can ever stop them from rising the next day.

Now if you are a Ding (Yin fire) then you are like a Candle flame – refined and elegant. You love connecting with people and networking just as a single flame can light a hundred more. Ding people are very detail-driven and are naturally inclined to all spiritual aspects, bringing light to the darkness.

The Fire element can help in improving the energy in your home. It can add more warmth, passion, and success in your life. It is the energy of the sun and fire, it nourishes and sustains you. This season and throughout the year, let this energy flow through your home and life. Let the
candles you light fill you with the bright and happy energy of the Fire Qi.

How do you Feng Shui the South?

Simple! No need to buy any extra merchandise, just light a candle in the south of your home on a daily basis. This is the purest form of yin energy, instantly activating the fire energy in the home or office.

In fact, for 2019 the annual “dragon virtue” is in the south, promoting happy events, popularity, and inspiration.

Interesting facts –

* Purple and red are fire colors.
* Fire related industries would be oil and petroleum, restaurants and spiritual studies.
* The famous Shaolin temple is set on sharp fire mountains.

– By Priya Subberwal
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