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Inspired Strokes

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Considering the prestige and fame of the fair, it’s a proud moment for all of us to have Kashmira Doshi representing our country and her passion of art at such an event which stands tall for the excellence across the world.

Coming to Doshi, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from L.S. Raheja School of Arts, Bandra – India, and completed her Master’s degree in Marketing from Welingkars – India. During her graduation phase, Doshi didn’t leave a single stone unturned when it came exploring the new opportunity that crossed her way; letting her explore different dimensions of art and take her creativity and artistic skills to a whole new level. Putting her earned and polished traits into effect, she developed a wide and fine array of captivating designs and styles, exquisite paintings, and exclusive art pieces. With the luxury of a range of colors and shades, as well as materials and tools at her disposal, Doshi incessantly makes seamless transitions from concepts to realization. She is known to bring life to her paintings with her delicate and intricate strokes that make her style distinctive.

The one who explored the talent and skills of Doshi is Ms. Cecilia Koo, who believed in her and represented her work through Galerie Koo at Affordable Art Fair 2018. The fair exhibited four illustration based artworks by Doshi. Since Doshi gave every art piece an exuberant name, these paintings were named as Absolute Mumbai, Absolute Hong Kong, Disney Land, and Dragon Mira. Each painting finely reflected the lifestyle, culture, fashion, and the overall mood of the landmark by presenting a visual essay with impressive details and enchanting characters.

Dragon Mira was amongst the most liked painting as the concept of having a mirror base, and its adornment with jewelry stones and highly enticing colors were unique. The painting represents the vibrancy of colours, the true reflections of a mirror and the royalty of the jewels…Taking the symbol of a dragon from Chinese culture and combining it wind the jadau work of India.. Dragon Mira made the quintessential art piece that flies with the interior of any premise adding colour and power to the walls it adorns. Art lovers willing to adorn their places with Doshi’s artworks and limited edition prints should step into the Galerie Koo, Central.

Kashmira Doshi is someone who believes that “creativity is contagious,” hence one should pass it on as we pass on smiles to people. In fact, her passion for art is not restricted to creating art pieces only; she indulges in helping others as well; especially those little hands who wish to discover their true potential with the assistance and guidance from her home-grown art studio, called Kashunutz, where she teaches and inspires others to surface their artistic flair and finesse.

Article crafted by – Kashmira Mehta Doshi

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