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By God’s grace, each and every person is blessed with a scintillating feature. Sometimes things happen so that some of us blossom with captivating looks and bewitching personality. Now when the season of wedding bells is around the corner, it is time to forget everything and keep your best foot forward.

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Flaunt the beautiful lehengas and ravishing ethnic wear which can add to your beauty and make you look a synonym for a fairy. As in Hong Kong, we hardly get a chance to flaunt your Indian attire, that is why try and experiment with the following 10 dresses which you can add to your wardrobe, and flaunt Now, is the time to give your Indian wear a bit of rest and pick something out of the box to stand out in the crowd? Keeping aside that dupatta you can still grace the beauty in alluring gowns and dresses that will embrace your beauty.

There are no second thoughts to this that Indo western is hitting the minds like anything and it makes the eyes fathom about the blend of traditional and modern in one outfit. Here are some Indo-western outfits that will flourish your beauty and fit in like a sock in your match chart:

A glamorous Gown
Glowing in glamorous makeup, you need something to match the standards. It’s nothing small but a wedding and you want to look the best, does not matter if you are the bride or not. Picking up the best gown, you will do the best thing to yourself. Every girl adores those Cinderella feels and that is what you will feel like in the entire ceremony. Feel like Cinderella and flaunt your gown with an embellishing smile on your face. Just remember a smile is the best jewel that will take your looks to a whole new level. Pair your gown with stunning stilettos and walk down the aisle like a fairy.

Fringed Lehanga
A blend of both classic and modern will bring out the best thing possible. The fringed lehengas blossom with their dazzling appeal and intricate designs in those bright lights and decor of the wedding venue. When it comes to shaking your beats in a cocktail party, the fringes dance along with your moods. This is the best part of this outfit. It brings out the playful side of the person. One little benefit is that it can get you the best boomerangs to embrace your Instagram profile. The feeling of being the best is something that it induces.

Fairytale Ball gown:
Not much is needed to look gorgeous. Only a dark hue all over and little less embroidery that is all that is required to leave an astounding impression on all. If you are the bride going for a deep red will be the best choice. Much embroidery might turn out to look tacky and you definitely do not want anything going wrong on your big day. So keep it simple yet graceful has to be your mantra. Such a fairytale gown is a sight for the bare eyes.

Dhoti Saree
Handling a saree and strolling around in the wedding at the same time is like solving an algorithm sitting back in a club. Weird! Isn’t it? If you still think you want to make saree your outfit of the
event then we are just going to give you a little and graceful twist in the game and the saree too. What you can do is, wear a dhoti saree and things will fall into place for you swiftly. The dhoti saree is going to embellish you with an edgy look and drive entire crowd crazy.

Ruffled Gown
Two big things that are to which we owe a big time is the pastels and ruffles. A ruffled gown incorporated with pastels will give you the ultimate look that will stun all the eyes in the party. You will for sure be hitting your A game wearing a pastel-colored ruffle gown. All eyes will be on you and that will definitely make your day much more than you can think of. This is undoubtedly the attire of the season and you need to give it a thought, rather a try.

The Embellished Emerald Layered Gown A gown graced with emeralds all over and that is like it has party written all over itself. How about matching the glam and glow of the day with your outfit? Prefer going for a sequin gown festooned with emeralds over itself. You will look like no less than a goddess in this gown and there is not a second thought about this for sure. Hit the wedding wearing this and you can challenge the moon. Emblaze yourself with an alluring smile and rock the outfit.

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Cinderella you are!
This might have left you thoughtful thinking that you are going to wear the gown that was once worn by Cinderella in that fairytale you read when one of those gowns could become your home.
The Cinderella gown is something that follows the same pattern as that of the princesses that have been hitting your dreams since you were a little doll. Wearing this gown, your prince holding your hand and you will be living your fairytale in reality. That is almost like a dream come true. Get ready to be the next bride as this look gonna steel ample of the proposal just for you.

Pastel lehanga
Pastels are the big thing of the season. These colors can take the grace of the outfit a notch higher than your imagination and reality too. Adorned with a tint of embroidery, be it gold silver or
rose gold, this gown makes the person feel all set to hit the runway for any highend designer. Pastels are the colors that do not believe in the bounds of age. Lady of any age can wear can gild these colors and look magnificent and splendid. Pastel colored outfit will leave the people jawdropped and dazzled with the glow you will add to the party.

Is this spruced up list of Indo-western outfits confused you enough and forced you to think what to take up or leave since every outfit is hitting its game on point? Sit, try, think and you will find
your outfit of the ceremony. Make that limelight get used to you and make others Envy!

By Shivika Dhiman

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