October 29, 2020
  • October 29, 2020

Makeup Trends for Spring 2020

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The days of the ‘no-makeup’ look or ‘transparent’ makeup are long gone. Makeup trends this spring are all about mixing and matching. It’s about having fun with thick-pigmented shades, lovely sparkling neons and glass-like textures. Two words to remember this spring are ‘Fun’ and ‘Sparkle.’

Neon cat eyes

For those of us who love the look, this is good news! ‘Cat eyes’ is officially the most ‘in’ thing this spring. Take out all your coloured eyeliners, liquid or pencil, and sweep them over your eyelids in broad-winged strokes.

Try bright blue or green eyeliners.

White eyeliner

It doesn’t matter how old you are, be brave and experiment with trendy eye makeup. If you are not ready for or you’re not a fan of neon colours, sparkle and glitter, then try white eyeliner. It is a great way to get started on the fun and gives a fresh look. You will feel trendy, yet the makeup will be subtle.

Grab a creamy white pencil to draw a flick.

Wearing two different eye shadows in two different places

It’s funky, but that is part of the fun. As seen on the popular Oscar de la Renta show. Work with the colour wheel, or choose two contrasting colours.

Sweep over one colour across the lid. At the same time, use another colour to sweep on the lower eye rim alongside of corner lashes.

Gloss makeup

The makeup trend most popular on leading fashion shows like Gucci, Dior, Armani has been gloss and more gloss!

Take just a pinch of some clear face gloss like Neutrogena or Aquaphor. Apply it on your eyelids, cheeks, and down the bridge of the nose. You can even put a layer on top of your lipstick or lip tint. You are ready to party!

Gothic lips

Dior and Armani love using this look on their models.

Clean your lips thoroughly, then apply lip balm and finally a colour that evokes your inner gothic vibes.

Red lipsticks

Red is the most used lip colour as it works for every season. Chanel, Armani and Pat McGrath have lovely red tints which being a makeup artist I like to use on my models and Indian brides. One of the best combinations is to have matt and bold red lips, clean shining skin and neat eyebrows.

Your lips should be clean and exfoliated as matt lipstick can make them flakier. After exfoliating, slap on your lippie and voila!

Glitter Eyes

As mentioned above, gloss is here to stay. Bella Hadid is a well-known fashion icon famous for sporting this trend.

It’s so pretty and can be done in different stages.

Step one: Rim the eyes with a kohl pencil, including the waterline.
Step two: Smudge it heavily.
Step three: Tap some silver glitter just under the matt kohl pencil, even on the top of your upper eyelid (a great trick to hide dark circles).

Florescent Creases

As usual, Versace runway models led the way for this latest trend. Called the ‘floating liner’, it is combining two trends into one. Wearing eyeliner from lashes to the brow bone and the neon eyeliner trend (as mentioned above). It adds a higher degree of coolness and is a perfect match for all summer attire.

Swoop a bright shadow across your crease, starting from your inner corner. Then draw a second upside-down swoop from the inner corner to your lid. Sport the bright eyeliner look by using eye-safe liquid lipsticks such as the Jeffree Star instead of an eyeliner.

Water-colour eye shadows

MaxMara, in its latest runway show, displayed a full range of watercolour eye shadow looks. The brand used matching grey and light blue opaque colours on their models who wore greyish-purple coloured dresses.



Light blue eye shadows

Made highly popular by prominent brand names like Gucci, Shiseido and Armani. The colour is worn like an eyeliner.



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