October 29, 2020
  • October 29, 2020

Meet the Beauty with Brains

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Born and brought up in Hyderabad, in a traditional Maharastrian Brahmin family, I had done my school and college from Vivek Vardhini Girls School & College. Further to that I pursued Bachelor of Law (5years) from Mahatma Gandhi Law College. After acquiring the registration as certified lawyer at Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh, I did my law practice for two years at one of top law firms in Hyderabad. During my practising years, I realised this is not really what I wanted to do. I felt the need to do something more. Something big. Eventually I moved to the UK (Manchester) to pursue Master in Laws (International Business Law) from University of Central Lancashire (Preston), wherein I got qualified as a Solicitor in England & Wales (London).

We all are passionate towards certain things in life. I have always been interested in two things – matching up to fashion trends and keeping myself updated with the laws. I guess it is the passion that made me what I am today. I never believed in living a simple life. You should always dream big and be passionate towards your work goals. I don’t like keeping regrets in life of doing something that I desired.


Rajshree Amit Wakade, finalist of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2019, gives an insight into her life to team ‘Beyond The Boundaries’

Armed with Masters Degree in Law and having being qualified as a Lawyer in UK, I got married in 2011, to a Mumbai-based Maharashtrian Brahmin, who is currently working at a leading Investment Bank and settled in Hong Kong.

I shifted to Hong Kong from the UK; it took me around 6-8 months to adjust with the new country and lifestyle. With a fresh beginning, I joined as a Legal Counsel in corporate sector. As days passed by, I realised the huge difference in culture and fashion between Hong Kong and UK. And it got me fascinated.

After 3 years of married life we were blessed with a boy, now 4.5 years old.

With a family life to maintain and at the same a desire to follow my dreams, I studied International Diploma in Compliance from International Compliance Association, which placed me at a top leading Indian bank (State Bank of India) in Hong Kong in compliance department.

Simultaneously, I received invitations to participate in beauty pageant and to work in the fashion industry. It was then I realised it was about time to fulfil my other dream, of which I was passionate about since childhood.

Life took a U-turn recently; I lost my father, mother-in-law and my mother in the same year one after one, in 2018-19.

I still went on to give audition (January 2019) for Mrs India contest with the emotional and moral support of my family and friends. The audition lasted for three rounds (Introduction, Ramp Walk and Talent Round), wherein I got selected as a finalist for Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2019.

Haut Monde deserves huge thanks to bring out this hobby of mine to the fore. I am eagerly looking forward to make the best of this opportunity and be the winner of this glorious beauty pageant.

India is the destination of real beauty. Mrs. India Worldwide is the platform that recognises the exemplary strength and distinctive personalities of gorgeous married women of India and takes pride in the wives and mothers of India. From all over the world, more than 15000 contestants had participated. Multiple grooming sessions were being organised at the city of love, Agra, in May viz., ramp walk, nutrition, reiki, posing, inter-personal skills, make-up/grooming and personality development by leading fashion industry icons such as Rony Kaula, Ruchika Sodhi, Khushboo Khan, Poonam Sethi, among others.

Along with grooming, dedicated photo/video shoots were done for the contestants at Taj Mahal, Agra, teamed with a press conference for Mrs Popular contest which will be held in the month of July this year.

We have been given task for every week to complete till October first week, based on our journey in Haut Monde, covering family life and social causes such as ‘United for Equality’ and more.

The grand finale will be held in Greece, in October, this year along with a three-day photoshoot. Each contestant will be groomed by dedicated designers and makeup artists for the finale.

I feel utmost grateful for the blessings and support of family, friends and supporters, for letting me explore my potential and believing in me. I wish for furthermore support from the Indian diaspora, to be the Mrs. India Worldwide 2019.

Please like and subscribe my Facebook & Instagram links to enable me to win the much coveted, ‘Mrs Popular’ contest.

I would like to thank ‘Beyond the Boundaries’ magazine team for giving me an opportunity to represent myself.

Lastly but not the least, I would say, believe in yourself and your dreams and work hard as everything everywhere is somehow connected.

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