October 29, 2020
  • October 29, 2020

Nine Dragons

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20/F & Rooftop, Prince Tower, 12A Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Nine Dragons (the English word for Kowloon), brings a spicy tingle to the palate with its authentic Sichuan flavours. The restaurant stays true to its name as after eating there I could almost breathe out fire. Over the years the restaurant has maintained its consistency with the quality and the taste with the food it serves. My go-to order is the chilli wontons for appetisers and if I have company I also order the flaky onion pancake. For the main course, I enjoyed the pan-fried fish fillet in sweet chilli sauce with either a bowl of hearty dan dan noodles or the chilli and pork fried rice.

The restaurant’s staff always greets the guests with smiles as you are seated at your desired table. The service is very relaxed yet on point. After ordering drinks the staff gives you ample time to decide on your courses. The environment feels like fine dining, yet homely. The restaurant boasts of an amazing view of the Victoria Harbour as well. The chilli wonton appetisers get your taste buds tingling. The roasted red peppers give off enough heat, combined with the rich flavour of the pork and scallion filling all wrapped up in a wonderfully thin wrapper.

What I love as much as the food are the portions they serve. Not too much, not too little…just enough. Our main course, the pan-fried fish fillet in sweet chilli sauce has a unique flavour. It also has a lovely crispy texture despite being in the sauce which is one of my pet peeves.

No one likes soggy fish! The sauce is lovely and compliments the fish perfectly with its balanced flavours of sweetness, chilli, peppers, onions
and ginger. To accompany my fish this time I ordered the pork and chilli rice, which can be enjoyed on its own as well.

You don’t have to rush home after you finish your meal. Their rooftop bar boasts of even better views where you and your friends can enjoy
a few drinks or shisha. Taking in the fun and relaxed atmosphere, the rooftop bar provides for a perfect end to any evening.

Overall, I had a nice experience and I would definitely recommend this place. For those who like numbers, I would give it a solid 8/10.

– By Akashdeep Singh Gill
A self proclaimed food fanatic and a chef by profession Akash loves to dine out and try new restaurants. He is adventurous and always eager to explore the variety that HK has to offer in terms of cuisines.
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