October 29, 2020
  • October 29, 2020

Our House narrates our Story

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We wait all our lives to build our dream house. Once the house is ready, we should know how to play up with our house’s strengths, hide its flaws (if we feel there are any), and make it appealing to just about everyone who visits us.

When we build our house with love and care, we believe that each and every part of it is unique in itself. We want our house to depict a certain story, reflect our char-acter, and bounce our taste.

Does that hit a chord? When you look around your house, do you still feel that the special element is missing in it? Here are some tips which can help your house make a statement.

Try incorporating these ideas in your home and impress your loved ones with your creativity. Well decorated houses make a happy place of living because they keep your spirits high and positive.


A cosy and compact affair

This is that place where you spend most part of your day. Small living room should be able to intake maximum amount of light. Instead of blinds, go for flowing drapes in neutral colours. Make sure to choose furniture with a lightweight appearance and let plants add a dose of freshness. Proper ventilation is a must.

Go green

When it comes to decorating your house, the one thing that can give aesthetic look to the house are plants. Plants of all kinds are welcomed. They enhance the look of the house, and also making the environment calm, relaxed and tranquil in the process.


The art of wall decor

Decorating the walls can give a brand new look to your house. Those empty walls can be filled with endless possibilities and a few changes can make up your space cosy, stylish and modern. Wall art can be vivid, abstract, patterned or anything. The most popular idea for wall décor is choosing a single frame of picture or creating a photo gallery to give a personalised touch. If you want to incorporate a vintage look, you can place rich fabric on the entire wall or embroidered pieces or any antique paintings. Mirrors or plates in a pattered form can be a brilliant idea too!

The clutter-free rule book

Every area in the house attracts clutter specially the tables. Dining table, living room table, side tables, kitchen counters, coffee table – surface clutter can be easily seen at these places. Surface clutter produces negative and unhygienic energy in the house. Be mindful of the empty spaces and also spaces which can be used to keep multipurpose objects. The reserve counters space is for necessities and not for extras.



Dried flowers & potpourri 

They are long lasting, do not require much care, and come in all colours, sizes and types. Dried flowers can be placed anywhere to give a bright and natural touch to your house. A slight drop of aroma oil can be sprinkled on them for a refreshing feel. An easy and inexpensive DIY experiment you’re bound to fall in love with.


Boost your outdoor space

Give your garden a trim look. You may choose colourful pots and hanging flower baskets for an arty feel. Always remember to remove the dead leaves and other unwanted left over in your garden. Keep your fences fixed and organised. You can always put fairy lights to add to the flavour.



Set the mood right

There is just something warm and intimidating about a room with the aroma candles flickering around. They are pleasing not only to our eyes but to our olfactory sense also. Fresh flowers and aroma candles perfectly go hand-in-hand. Light up your homes with soothing aroma candles.Place it anywhere – in the bathroom, living room, bed room or dining room – and let the refreshing scent and warm glow take charge of your mood.


Antiques and collectibles

Unusual. Unexpected. Unique. Bring some old-world charm into your home with antiques and collectibles. They help you to keep your house elegant and meaningful. Items such as rich paintings, vase, coins, swords, crowns, jewel, candles, any showpiece can add the magical touch.


Crockery storage the pro way

Crockery items are delicate and expensive, thus require proper care and handling. Glass items are always advised to be stored separately from metal items. Arrange the bigger items first and then the smaller ones, while daily use items should be kept aside from the items that are needed only on special occasions. Avoid using metal scrubbers for washing your crockery. Managing your crockery efficiently can increase its durability and give your dining table an elegant look and feel.


– By Shivangi Mittal

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