Message From Our Team:


Even as Hong Kong experiences a rise of COVID infections, all of us are so grateful for how our city has dealt with the pandemic. From wearing masks to being diligent about hygiene, Hongkongers despite not being under an official lockdown have chosen to stay in again and maintain social distancing. As always, we are thankful to the front-line workers, doctors, cleaning workers, grocery store employees and others who have kept us safe and kept our city running.

We would also like to give a shout out for our small and local businesses who have suffered gravely because of the pandemic, many going out of business. Let us all buy local and support local. Through this time, the people who also stand out for us are our “little ones”. The children who have had their normal lives disrupted, many not completely understanding why, and the graduating classes and college-going youngsters who have had to put such an important time of their lives on hold. Their resilience, patience and positive attitudes have inspired all of us. While putting this issue together, we came across some wonderful and inspiring children and “young adults”, and it is our pleasure to be able to share a few of these stories with you.

Stay safe, and stay happy!

About Our Team:


Shikha S. Lamba (EDITOR) is a jewelry designer living in HK. She has contributed various articles for BTB through the years. Her poetry was published in the 18th issue of the WIPS (The Hong Kong women in publishing society) annual anthology last year. A mother of two, she is a vocal health advocate. Having managed multiple health issues of her own, the quest to improve her own health has led her to explore health and wellness, especially in women. Passionate about all things creative, she hopes to bring content that is not only fun to read but also makes the readers think.



Gurpreet Kaur (OWNER) is one of the main driving forces behind the magazine. From graphic design to event management, to editor, this mother of two keeps incredibly busy. Not only does she cover most events featured in BTB, but she is also always on the lookout for interesting stories she can share. Photography is a recent passion of hers, and when not working on her various projects you will find her completely immersed in her family. With a strong work ethic, Gurpreet aka Genie is most motivated when she feels she can make a positive impact on people’s lives.