January 21, 2021
  • January 21, 2021

Parenting with BaZi

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During the pandemic, parents have been spending a lot more time with their little darlings. While we adore our kids and parenting is one of the most rewarding roles- homeschooling and forced family time can be somewhat challenging even for the best of us !

While doing BaZi (Chinese astrology chart) consults, clients often ask me if there’s any way they can understand their children better… “how can I make my child listen to me?”

Well, good news! The BaZi, Chinese astrology chart can actually give us a deeper insight into a child’s personality. Each child has a unique profile -like THE LEADER, THE ARTIST and many more. You can access this information simply by keying in the Date and Time of birth (if available) using the website given below.

Now get ready to dive into the workings of your child’s inner software and discover the secret password that opens the door to better communication.

Start with simply plotting a chart using this free resource www.joeyyap.com/bzchart

There is a lot of information on the chart, focus only on the marked arrows in the PROFILING SYSTEM at the end.

Example above: X has a main structure of MANAGER and main profile of THE DIRECTOR Now, check what’s in your child’s chart – navigate to the table relevant to you . Listed below are some typical characteristics of the profile type and the password into their inner world.

As we are well aware, no two kids, even within the same family, are alike. This simple understanding is presented clearly on each child’s BaZi profile . Since it’s not possible to change anyone’s inherent personality, parents should work to be more aware of their child’s needs so they can successfully create a supportive environment. It is important for all parents to be less reactive and strive to create stronger bonds using the tools given above.

By Priya Subberwal
Contact: priya@dishaconsulting.co
+852 93100869
Get your detailed destiny chart using a free resource: www.joeyyap.com/bazi2020 and find out which zodiac animals are there in your chart and what is in store for you in 2020.
The profiling system is just a small aspect of the Bazi chart reading. There are many more factors to consider while doing a complete reading. For an in depth analysis consult a Feng Shui Expert.
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