October 20, 2020
  • October 20, 2020

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Mad Rascals is a HK based production house that is dedicated to bringing new age LIVE Indian stand up comedic talents to Hong Kong. Sai Sudha, the founder of the Mad Rascals, launched her company and hosted their first show, Second Decoction by Karthik Kumar aka KK as part of his world tour in June 2017 in Central. It was a hilarious and an instant hit sold out show that saw a packed house clamouring for more. That’s when Sai Sudha was reassured about the dearth of such new-age fresh genre of entertainment in the concrete jungle that HK is. She realised HK was looking for alternate quality mediums of entertainment apart from the crazy party scenes that HK is famous for. She went on to put together two more shows in November 2017 by the very popular Sapan Verma (Founder of EIC) and Alexander which were non-stop laugh riots. After her hat-tricks, she’s currently working on her next show in March. The shows are all in English to break barriers and ensure we are all connected as – One happy Indian family. Her thought was simple – India is not just about classical arts, Bollywood and rich history. Its so much more today with new talents skyrocketing from India. If the world gets to see such LIVE performances, then so must HK, her home.

Upcoming shows : “Blood Chutney, beacuse sh*# happens bro” by KK, on Saturday, March 10th at Take Out Comedy Club, Central. Show in English.Tickets: HKD 250 / 350. Call : 91584546

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