January 21, 2021
  • January 21, 2021


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Positive Impacts of Corona

Never ever in life before
have I had holidays galore?
All thanks to the little virus
more than 100 relaxing days,
homemade food, online classes,
and multiple WhatsApp games.

Every day I could see, the
beauty of the morning sun,
I could do whatever I wanted
life was suddenly so much fun.

Mumma, grandfather, grandmother, uncle & aunt
pampered us with the utmost love & care,
but I missed you, dear papa so much,
your funny talks and your magical touch.

Cleanliness finally found its place
washing hands & masks on every face.
Social distancing was maintained
without caution nothing was gained.

The same news was aired everyday
we wondered if there would be another way.
No noise, no pollution,
life was like an illusion.

Humans were stuck inside
birds and animals rejoiced outside.
Nature was blossoming in all its beauty
as doctors, nurses, policemen did their duty.


All lessons learnt!

Purvi Jain (11 years)


I watch the fading of the light
The sun looks down from scarlet skies
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

Darkness falls and sorrow bites
Fallen stone, protection’s guise
I watch the fading of the light.

Mother says it’ll be alright
Shaking hands and stifled cries
“Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.”

Out of mind and out of sight
Of gunnèd men and hounding eyes
I watch the fading of the light.

Battered bodies, battle’s blight
Satan sings, and man’s demise
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

Heart of darkness, wartime spite
A crumbling city’s Hopeful dies
I watch the fading of the light
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

By Anahita Kaman
Anahita Kaman is currently in Grade 12 at Hong Kong International School. This poem is from her poetry book Plastic Flowers, which is available on Kindle.

A million years ago

what was it like ?
Was it scary?
Was it hot,
or was it cold?

We have many questions
but no answers.
Mysteries there in this world,
lurking in the dark.

Legends and stories of
kings, fairies and beasts.
We don’t know what these legends are,
we don’t know what was there a
million years ago.

Maybe there were cavemen seeking shelters
from storms or kings and their kingdoms,
fairies in their magical world and
beasts living in scary mountains.

We don’t know and may never know.
So, all we can do is assume and make theories.
Let us keep our records for the
coming million years
so these mysteries are not lost in
history again.

Dhruv Atul Sancheti
8 years old
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