November 24, 2020
  • November 24, 2020


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We shall live in love

– By Sana Ali

I’m sitting here listening to music,
I’ve never heard before,
It makes me wonder
What is going on in this world?
Animals dying, people dying,
Nature is in control now,
Let’s lay down our souls to her,
And do what she does,
Let’s not stop living,
No matter who tries to cut us down,
No matter, what has killed so many,
Let’s learn to live together,
Distance, it’s just another word
That represents space,
And if space is what we have,
Let’s fill it with love.


– By Ritu Hemnani

she wasn’t looking for a knight
in dazzling armour
to save her from flames
of dragons who feed lies
to hearts that are hungry

she wasn’t looking for a prince
to promise he would love her,
fill her, relieve each insecurity
that the wicked witch of doubt
softly whispers in her ear

she wasn’t looking for permission
to stand and face the storm
to lean into the winds of change
and run towards the darkness
that comes before a rainbow

no, she was looking for a sword,
a weapon; and found it
in her compassion, courage,
her ability to see beauty
and rise by lifting others

she wasn’t looking for a saviour
for she learned she was enough
and chose to believe it
realizing she could just stand up
and save herself

and she conquered her demons
turning pain into power
wearing scars like wings, she soared
and found her strength
in being broken

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