October 22, 2020
  • October 22, 2020


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Overload – by Shikha Bansal

Rainforest on fire,
Plastic island in the ocean,
Earth heaving with landfills,
Air thick with pollution.

Tables heavy with meat,
Stalls filled with fruit,
Food in abundance,
Hunger widespread, acute.

Rhinos hunted for their horns,
The Polar Bear’s ice shrinks,
Elephants poached for their tusks,
And Sharks for their fins.

Yet, Humanity averts its gaze,
Climate change called a hoax,
Let the fires come to our doorstep,
Let us first gasp and choke.

Water still flows in our taps,
We have food for the asking,
The worry is Futile,
Our resources are Everlasting.

There is Time yet, don’t Despair,
The day may never dawn to illusions dispel,
When Men have robbed the Planet blind,
And made Beggars of themselves.

Shikha Bansal is a freelance editor/writer in Hong Kong

Childhood – By Anahita Kaman

little girl
you haven’t seen enough of this world

lies don’t burn and
cries don’t matter

blatant sin
hasn’t replaced childlike whim

you paint perfect pictures
frescos of life and butterflies

your smiles and self-worth
aren’t defined by your label size

all people are good
in the reflection of thine eyes

oh, see how quickly
the time will fly.

Anahita Kaman is a grade 12 student at Hong Kong International School, and the author of Plastic Flowers, a book of poems available on Kindle.

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