January 26, 2021
  • January 26, 2021


Reading the magazine, I think the content is suitable for the middle range demographic of Indians in HK, but there isn’t anything appealing to the younger group. I think the material is excellent but can be organized better by putting it in a better flow.

I felt like the topics were very back and forth, but the feature was entertaining, And I think all of those things are still not a big deal, I think the biggest issue is just  that there needs to be proofreading done once again before printing. But overall, I liked it, and I think it’s a good start.

Beyond the boundaries is very fresh and vibrant on same time while it has loads of useful information. Feng shui tips were really great. While BTB covered candle vigil it fulfilled its duty towards society. Article about Rome was amazing I felt like walking through the streets of city. Keep doing good work.

I think Beyond the Boundaries Magazine is very useful, as it gives us a lot of information about New restaurants and events happening in HK! Enjoyed Reading it!

Great blend of colors and culture to connect the youth to heritage and aspire elders to brush up modern lifestyle ideas. A perfect resource of information for South Asians as the magazine covers the community news and events at once. I will love to see some additional youthful activities and events in the next issue.

I would suggest moving contributor’s part next to editorial page because before that page there are already a few ads and immediately after the editor’s words  better put contributors to appreciate their efforts and it’d match the theme too. The middle part is awesomely designed to keep the readers interested but try to  reduce the number of pics. Put one or two main pics followed by a group photo of all the attendees of the event instead of putting a pic of each table separately.