October 20, 2020
  • October 20, 2020


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Teeyan is a festival celebrated in Northern India especially in Punjab. This festival is dedicated to the daughters and sisters. Traditionally, married girls return to their parental homes and gather at one commonplace in their hometown and celebrate this as an occasion by singing folk songs and enjoying the swings along with some sweets and delicacies made primarily during the rainy season which work as an icing on the cake in this cultural gathering. People from Punjab has moved to a different part of the world to earn their livelihood. However, they never forgot to carry their cultural heritage with themselves.

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aLikewise, Punjabis also relocated to Hong Kong and settled themselves well here. However, Hong Kong Punjabis were lagging behind in organizing cultural events exclusively for ladies. Thus, for the last seven years, Satrang Entertainers & Buttar Associates have been taking it to their shoulders to organize Teeyan for ladies only. Following for a few years, Teeyan were also hosted by them in Tsim Sha Tsui. The fame of “Awaaz Punjab,” Neha Sharma, mainly came to entertain Punjabi ladies with her melodious and mesmerizing voice. The particular thing in this event was that not only Punjabi ladies participate with enthusiasm but also Chinese & Pakistani ladies. The highlight of the program this time around was the performance of Giddha by a young Australian girl. It
is taken as a proud achievement in its own to introduce the Giddha culture of Punjabis to other communities. All in all, ladies enjoyed it thoroughly throughout the day.

By – Harvinder Singh

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