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November 2, 2019

Tarot For October – November 2019

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Ma Amrit Leela
Spiritual Coach and Healer

A Spiritual Coach and Healer – Reiki Grand Master, Chakra Healer, Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer, Aura Reader, Colour Therapist, Meditation Guide. Based in Amritsar, India. She can be reached at +91 98149 50174


(MAR 21-APRIL 20)

Queen of Cups

This is the period for you to be thoughtful and treat yourself and others with compassion and sympathy. You also need to maintain a balance in your feminine energies. Listen to your mother or wife before taking any decisions in this period.


(MAR 21-APRIL 20)

Nine of Cups

Singles get ready to mingle in this period. The efforts that have been made over time will now be paid off. It is time to celebrate. One of the most pleasant cards that allow you to make a wish in this period. It is also the time to be more sensible.


(MAY 21-JUNE 21)

King of Cups

It is time to be diplomatic and smart. You need to remain mature while dealing with negative thoughts. Stay positive.


(JUNE 22-JULY 22)

Three of pentacles

It is time for completion and achievements. Whatever is needed and required are coming together. Enjoy the success and stay grounded.



Six of Words

This is the period for you to enjoy public recognition and success. It is your time to be awarded. Don’t get arrogant and stay grounded.



Queen of pentacles

Enjoy time with the family. Feminine energies are working for you. It is time to act wisely. You need to execute your plans and they will have a successful result. Realize you can count on.



Nine of pentacles

This is the period to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have attained well-deserved success, so now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy this good life – Money, Fun, and Comfort. You deserve it!



Four of cups

Stop regretting past mistakes in love. You are feeling bored or unsatisfied in your career, so stay positive and keep focusing. This too shall pass.


(NOV 23-DEC 21)

Four of words

This is the time for celebrations, surprises, parties, and weddings. Enjoy this period of being welcomed and fully supported.


(DEC 22-JAN 20)

Three of cups

Time for a reunion. Someone from the past might approach you. It is time for parties, celebrations, and weddings. Enjoy this period.


(JAN 21-FEB 18)

Ten of words

Don’t stop working hard, personally and professionally. If you are tired, take a break and plan a holiday.


(FEB 19- MAR 20)

Knight of swords

There is a lot of activity on your cards. You will travel and accomplish your goals. You have a good omen at work. You need to maintain a balance.

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