October 22, 2020
  • October 22, 2020


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It’s time to bid adieu to the troublesome pig and welcome the Metal Rat in 2020. While the year officially begins February 4th based on the Chinese solar calendar, the Qi or energy for the Rat year has already started transcending November 2019 onwards. In fact, December is the Rat month and should be treated as a preview for the upcoming year.

What does the Rat signify?
The Rat happens to be the first in line of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. It is the most Yang Water element in Chinese metaphysics and arrives in the peak of the winter season, between December 7th and January 6th. It is also represented by the NORTH direction on the compass or Laupan, between 352.6 -7.5 degrees. Interestingly, unlike any other animal, the Rat has 4 toes in its front feet and 5 toes at its back feet, symbolically sharing its energy over 2 days between 11 pm-12:59 am.

A Destiny/BaZi chart with 4 zodiac animal signs

How do I know if I have a Rat in my BaZi or destiny chart?

All those born in the year 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 & 2020 will have a rat in their chart. In fact, you could also have a rat in your chart if you were born on a certain day, around midnight or simply in the month of December. A lesser-known fact is that everyone actually has 4 zodiac animals in their destiny chart, which could be seen in their year, month, day or hour pillar.

Is this my lucky year if I have a Rat in my chart?

If you have discovered that you have a Rat in your chart then get ready for a year of being in the spotlight as you have the visiting ‘Grand duke’ with you. It is best to showcase your talents and take on leadership roles as you will be receiving a lot of attention, whether you like it or not! Rat people will need to take extra care of their physical and emotional health this year as the extreme cold of the metal water might make them moody and overtly introspective.

What else should I know about my Destiny chart for this year?

The HORSE zodiac animal is in direct clash with the Rat. So, all those with a horse in their chart should be prepared for an inevitable change in their lives. It is best to direct the change towards improving your life rather than fearing and resisting it.

TIP: Animal signs to benefit the most this year are the GOAT, ROOSTER, RABBIT & OX.

Is there a special Feng Shui chart for 2020? How can it help me?

Yes, every year there is a change in the energy pattern of the environment we live in. By knowing where the stars are placed for the year we can use Feng Shui to our benefit- very simply by using the best locations and avoiding the negative sectors.

Things to do before February 4th, 2020 to enhance the Feng Shui of your home and office

  • All sectors in Red are auspicious and
    beneficial to use in 2020

    Add 4 bamboo sticks in freshwater in the Southwest, star #4 to promote the Academic and Romance sector of your home. This would also be the best area for students to study for important exams.

  • Put a water feature like a fountain, aquarium or a big vase with fresh flowers in the Southeast room to enhance the career star #6.
  • Use the north-west, west, north-east and south-east rooms or areas for work-related activities like making business calls/emails/meetings. If your front door or study table is in this area then its an added bonus.
  • Put a candle in the West of your home to activate the #9 purple star for happy events and celebrations.
  • Put yang items like music/tv/chiming clock in the north-east and north-west of your property. This activates the auspicious white stars #1 #6 & #8.
  • Place 6kg METAL in the East sector, residing palace of star #5 of as this is the most negative area for the year. In fact, avoid any renovations and spend as little time there as possible.
  • Place red items in the North sector to reduce the impact of mindless arguing and bickering caused by star #3 (eg. a red coloured candle, cushions, table mats, etc.)
  • Place 6 metal coins in the South and avoid any structural work or nailing of walls to reduce the effect of the sickness star #2.

How do I find these sectors and apply them to my own property?

Simple! All you need is a compass (free app available on the iPhone) and a scaled drawing of your apartment or home, which can be provided by your building office or found online. Alternately you can draw a proportionate layout of the property yourself. Roughly find the center point of your apartment and find the North direction using the compass. Superimpose the grid and fill in all the #stars and details given above.

You are now well prepared to experience all the challenges and exciting opportunities coming up in the metal Rat year with your newfound Feng Shui and Bazi knowledge!

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-By Priya Subberwal
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