January 21, 2021
  • January 21, 2021

Update your preteen’s room the right way!

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Teenage years are not easy on anyone, especially the teenager. For preteen having their own sanctuary or a small space to call their own can definitely help. Transitioning your pre-teen’s room to a teenager’s room maybe be emotionally hard, but here are a few tips to help make their room appropriate and fun. You can of course do a complete re-haul but these are small simple tips that that are easy to implement.

To start off, make a simple plan and a mood board
Involve your preteen in decisions regarding the colour palette, furniture and theme for their room. Work with them to declutter the space and give away any furniture that may not work anymore. Don’t be afraid to use bold colour combinations with patterns. If your teenager has no interest, maybe just ask them a few key questions about colour and theme and then you can work from there.

The easiest way to change/uplift a room is by changing the colour scheme
Use the colour palette you’ve decided as a starting point. You can choose a trendy wall paper with a cool print or paint a wall with colours like azure, pastel turquoise or even a pastel orange. If you choose not to make such drastic changes, you can change the accessories of the room to incorporate colour. Think rugs, cushion covers, quilts and lamps.

Try Maya Rugs, Red Velvet and Ikea for Rug options. For cushion covers Franc Franc, The Pink Lotus HK, Urmila Menon, Artistryy.

For Lamps Ginger Lamp co, Indigo, Tequila Kola have great options.

Incorporate enough storage
Let’s face it, teens collect a lot of stuff and they aren’t the tidiest of the lot either. It’s very important to incorporate enough shelving and storage to help them organize their things. Think ample shelving, bins baskets and under the bed storage to utilize the space in the room well.

Let them be trendy
With social media on the rise, all our kids are super plugged into the Pinterest/Tik Tok trends. Don’t be afraid to help them incorporate those trends. You can use wall decals; cushion covers etc. to help bring the room to an ‘insta’ worthy room. Think fairy lights, light boxes, chalk boards as the new ‘in’ accessories. A pin board works really well as a feature on the wall for them to put up pictures, quotes and whatever has caught their fancy at that moment. The content can be changed as often as you want, and you save a lot of wall damage as well.

Pick the right furniture
Make sure that the bed and desk that you choose can accommodate your teens growing into adults. It is also a great idea to create a relaxation spot/ hangout space for them. It doesn’t need to take up too much space, you can get a bean bag, large floor pillows or a lounge chair in their room where they can read, listen to music or just decompress.

Bring their personality into the room
Most teens are in the process of figuring out what they like and giving them a space that reflects their personality helps them express themselves.

They can personalize the desk with pictures, calendars, organizers; hang art that has some meaning for them, or cool posters with uplifting quotes etc. Etsy has many stores that sell unique and affordable art.

I love the art and calendars by Wander with Nicole and Pen and Paperhouse can personalize your calendars and organisers for you.

I also love Etsy for bits and bobs and here in HK Ko.lligraphy HK, Art and Fonts and Paper and Peony Studio can personalize inspirational quotes or messages with beautiful calligraphy which you can frame up.



Ameesha Kapadia is the creator of the home accessories brand
The Pink Lotus HK in Hong Kong. With an accidental introduction
to the world of home accessories, this former stylist quickly realised
that her love for colour and symmetry translated from fashion to
home. You can contact her on her Instagram account @thepinklotushk

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