October 29, 2020
  • October 29, 2020

Indian Artists in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is home to a vibrant art community with artists from all over the world. Being the third-largest market for art (right behind New York and London), the city houses multiple galleries, art exhibitions, and vibrant street art. Though not many in number, there are a few local Indian artists who have carved their own niche in the art scene here. With their own distinctive styles and artistry, they present a variety of different techniques and mediums. From contemporary to mixed media art, their work is not only visually stimulating, but also demands attention.


Kashmira Mehta Doshi is a Hong Kong-based Indian artist who earned her bachelor’s in fine arts from L.S. Raheja School of Arts, India in 2009 following which she completed her Master’s degree in Marketing in 2013.

Doshi has explored a wide range of mediums, styles, and dimensions. Her work is not restricted to one genre or theme. She believes that art is the best universal language through which she can communicate with her viewers and is often inspired by the “small moments” in her life. Doshi uses delicate and intricate strokes to achieve a seamless rendition from concept to creation presenting the ordinary details of her surroundings in an extraordinary context. Using a myriad of hues, shades, textures, and visualization, she goes with the flow and utilizes an array of materials and tools to execute her art in an unorthodox and flexible manner.

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Off late, she has been channelizing her love for travel and exploring new places in her intricate illustrations. Of special mention are her two remarkable works ‘Absolute Mumbai’ and ‘Absolute Hong Kong’. These pieces captivate the audience with a ‘visual journey’ of the lifestyle, culture, architecture, fashion and even the emotion and soul of these cities. Her fine strokes along with the impressive details and enchanting characters create a long-lasting visual impact about the place. After all, ‘It’s all about the little things in life’. Doshi conducts her art classes Kashunuts Art Studio at the heart of Hong Kong, in Tsim Sha Tsui.



Shweta is a professional artist based out of Hong Kong. With a degree in Fashion Designing, she is self-taught and is an artist who has broken the boundaries of conventional structured learning through her creativity. Her artwork specializes in mixed media on canvas and hand-painted wooden artefacts.

Her works are inspired by her beliefs in spirituality, emotions and social issues like women empowerment and animal protection. She feels every artist dips the brush in his or her soul and paints their own nature on the canvas. Currently affiliated with various renowned art galleries in India and Hong Kong, Shweta has exhibited her work in several exhibitions. She was credited with the accolade of one of the best 50 Indian young professional artists for a highly prestigious exhibition.

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Shweta firmly believes that there is art in each one of us, and everyone has their own unique way to portray them. To promote art with kids and adults, she conducts art classes where her students experiment with their thoughts on canvas.



Sanjay has exhibited his works at the prestigious Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre and his works have also been chosen in a few juried exhibitions in the UK including at The Royal West of England Academy, The South West Academy of Fine & Applied Arts, Society of Scottish Artists as well as at the Monmouth Museum in the US.

This banker turned artist gave up a very successful career in banking to follow his passion for art. His artwork is unique, with incredible textures and details that take months to complete. Using vibrant colours, Sanjay paints from memory, never photographing or documenting his inspirations. His pieces have their own individual visual identity, and as much as he is always open to explaining what was going through his mind while creating a certain piece, he enjoys the personal interpretations by his viewers. In his own words “Art has been part of the lives of human beings forever. The art form, the surface, the materials, the subjects, and the styles keep changing but in essence, all art represents artists’ focus and interpretation of things and events around them.”


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Originally a radiologist from Mumbai (India) Monica, is a nature lover, photographer, and musician. A graduate from Trinity school, she has played the piano since the age of 6 and had a brief stint with the Bombay Orchestra before moving to HK. She is a self-taught painter, who finds inspiration in all the simple things in life. Her travels often inspire her paintings, as do her interactions with people and the surroundings she lives in. In her own words “Art is how I express myself, it is my way of letting go.” She finds solace in creating beautiful things with her hands and telling a story with each canvas. Apart from planning her art exhibitions, she also enjoys jamming with a group of musicians now and then.


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Riya Chandiramani was born and raised in the bustling international cosmopolitan of Hong Kong. Her work aims to expose the magical potential we all possess; and the fact that we are all inextricably connected, despite the barriers of difference that we create as a society. Incorporating stories and symbols that span cultures and generations of civilizations, she aims to break down these divisions by uniting east and west, traditional and modern and transferring spiritual ideology on to material surfaces. Riya graduated with honours from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017, where she studied Communications with a concentration on gender; with minors in Fine Art and Chinese. She is now an artist and designer based in Hong Kong.


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