November 24, 2020
  • November 24, 2020

Retail-tainment is for real!

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Despite all the attention on e-commerce, a majority of people still prefer to visit their favourite convenience store for their daily needs. Let’s be honest, with all the hustle this city has to offer, a visit to the nearby grocery store can be very de-stressing, even therapeutic! Being in one’s own little zone for a while, walking around and not having to talk to people, leisurely checking out the products while enjoying music in the background… you get the drift!

Some retailers, like us, recognise this need and continue to evolve our offerings accordingly. Not only do we strive to offer a wide variety of products at reasonable prices, but we are also now paying great attention to making the overall in-store experience a pleasant one.

Last month, we opened our latest branch of Shop Easy Superstores in the Midlevel’s residential district at 33A Caine Road. After seeing the absence of an Indian yet multinational store in the area, the location seemed perfect for a store like ours. Spread across two floors, and housing all regular Indian groceries, our new store offers a wide range of organic and western food products. We also carry household items, beauty products and have a fantastic selection of branded liquor. On visiting the store, we hope you will be instantly wowed at seeing an open, floor to ceiling glass façade. The ease of finding a wide selection of groceries under one roof is well complimented by top-quality décor all around, with warm lighting and good music to make a simple grocery store visit, an experience in itself. Really, what’s not to love in that!

A perfect customer experience is what sets one store apart from the rest. A store that you like to shop at, then return, again and again. That was our main goal with every decision we made for this store, from carefully choosing the right selection of items to getting the designing right”.

We partnered with SARA Interior Design for the layout, overall design concept and materials used in the superstore. Sharing a candid story about it, Sonal Bhandari, Founder & Director, of SARA Interior design, reminisced how in the very first meeting, Mr Brar was very focused on getting the store design right. In his mind, the design of the store would be the holy grail of making the overall shopping experience. He was clear about creating a space that had a pleasurable and relaxing atmosphere for his clients while they shopped.

Sonal adds, “We translated our client’s vision into our design statement, which was to provide a warm, intimate and experiential interior to the customers. We decided to use beautiful warm wood tones, right from flooring to the storage systems and a super modish wooden ceiling for both the floors. Illuminating the store in soft lighting added warmth and relaxing vibes.”

At the entrance, a stylish background wall behind the cash counter with an equally chic wine cabinet in black and rose gold finish will catch your eye. This being more of an exception than the norm from what one usually sees in grocery stores. To this, Heena Ahuja, Senior Designer at SARA, remarked, “We did not want to use run-ofthe-mill racks for this space. We custom designed the wine cabinets and the cash counter for Shop Easy. Being some of the most critical aspects of the store, they had to be just perfect!”

Our clients will notice several fun posters in the store. “These fun and colourful posters were custom designed to be informative to the customers on the product offerings but also to help balance the earthy feel of wood”, said Heena.

Sonal Bhandari adds, “We realise the importance of visual impact and how a well-designed store attracts customers, encourages sales, and creates visibility. We strive to pay attention to every minute detail that adds up to complete the big picture, which is – enhanced customer satisfaction!”

As Harman Brar concludes, “People have a particular impression of Indian grocery stores in the city, and we want to change that. The store not only provides the basic essentials that every Indian household uses, and a variety of other popular and basic groceries and produce, we hope to provide an elegant shopping experience for the entire midlevels neighbourhood. In our new store, we want all our clients to be able to shop with ease and comfort.”

Indeed – as we see our customers leave the store with bags full of food, snacks and drinks, spoilt by the wide selection that Shop Easy has to offer we are proud to be able to give them a thoroughly enjoyable supermarket shopping trip!

By the Shop Easy team
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